Some news about my practice of suction cup massage since level 2 in May 2018. More and more “clients”, who are delighted with the benefits. Some examples :

– a client with a suction cup massage of the lower limbs for permanently swollen legs and enlarged knees: after the 3rd session, she got up 4 times at night to go to the toilet (which is not her habit, not even after the first 2 sessions, drinking just as much) and had lost 1 kg when she got up (she has been weighing herself every morning for years). We continued up to 6 sessions. Her leg pains have largely subsided, she can see the muscles in her thighs which she could no longer see.

– a client with suction cup massage of the lower limbs for legs with circulatory problems (venous return + stains on legs): much more comfort in terms of return circulation and very much reduced stains.

– And now a client who has been trying everything to free deep-attached tissue on the entire right side for years and who finally finds relief with the suction cups.

– Hélène (Paris)

My massage practitioner used  suction cups on my neck muscles and I was amazed at how quickly he relieved my tension. Now I would like to know more about what suction cups can do.

– G. Duffin (France)

What a good idea to have adapted an old practice to enter the field of massage! I loved the workshop

– Jackie Wayda, LMT (Ohio)

Mentally, I am more alert, focused and positive. Physically I was so excited that I wanted to start gardening, cooking, knitting, and all those other activities I had stopped doing long ago.

– Carolyn Termini (Asheville, NC)

The work on my scar was progressing slowly, but when I started using the magnets, the results quickly improved… Magnet + suction cups dramatically reduced the healing time.

– D. Brunson (Tennessee)