Jardin de Vies

Jardin de Vies is a non-profit association whose objective is to promote all forms of information and practices of well-being.

Your hosts, Sylvie GROSJEAN-RASMUSSON (health practitioner) and Doug E. GROSJEAN-RASMUSSON (massage therapist), have between them about 50 years of experience in the field of Form and Life “au naturel”.

Jardin de Vies organizes practical workshops and seminars with natural health professionals, chosen for their qualities of Being. During our meetings, you will have the opportunity to learn while practicing: live cooking, massages, and many other health practices. You will also be able to receive individual massages, aromatic treatments, check-ups and vitality programs. The surrounding nature offers many possibilities for walking, cycling or mountain biking and numerous excursions.

Doug and Sylvie

Les Gîtes de la Haute Maure

Former silkworm nursery, the Haute Maure is located in the heart of Provence a few kilometers from the villages of Salernes and Lorgues.

This hamlet of villas in furnished rentals seems lost in a charming corner of countryside with the scents of thyme and lavender.

Its park of 6 hectares, with a beautiful swimming pool, planted with Mediterranean essences (olive trees, oaks, mulberry plane trees, hackberry trees) embodies the sweetness of life of the mas de Provence.

Sante Naturopathie

Iréne Grosjean, naturopath since 1958.

Having lost in my youth, several young and well-cared for loved ones as we usually hear, I told myself that if the Creator existed, He could not have wanted His creatures to suffer as much as I suffered and saw suffering around me. And as it has been said, seek and you will find, it was normal that I would seek as I was going to seek.

One day I finally found that health and the happiness that comes from it were not only the privilege of a few people, but that of the majority of beings that we are and that, moreover, they were naturally within our reach!

This explains why, when my first guide, my friend Raymond, told me that nutrition was the basis of all our suffering, all our misery and all our illnesses, even if at first I hesitated to believe it, I nevertheless followed his teachings and since the results they gave were excellent, I quickly registered at the naturopathic school.

irene grosjean

Nelly Grosjean

Self-taught, naturopath and aromatherapy specialist, Nelly Grosjean promotes the benefits of organic aromatic essential oils (EO)… with passion!

Nelly Grosjean