Massage Cupping™ currently has one trainer in Provence and a second trainer starting in northern France, and is finding great interest across Europe!

Each Massage Cupping Certified Educator adds their special expertise to create a unique and exciting learning environment.


Doug E. RASMUSSON has been practicing massage for over 20 years. He creates his own massages which he calls “à la carte” from various approaches, Swedish, sports, deep tissue, aromatic massages with essential oils, etc. Doug has designed a special chair massage “stress reduction” which he has taught for 10 years in all the United States of America.

After the events of September 11, 2001 and Hurricane Katrina he went with his students (all volunteers) to help the rescuers recover and regain energy through this massage. For this he received the “International Humanitarian Prize” in 2004. Anita SHANNON, creator of the technique of massage with moving suction cups or Cupping™, has entrusted him with its diffusion in France and in other European countries.


Sylvie GROSJEAN RASMUSSON is an integrative doctor, a health educator-naturopath, and a facilitator of “detox, fasting and raw food” courses.

Sylvie teaches integrative naturopathic medicine at the CENATHO and the fundamentals of health education with his mother, Irène GROSJEAN.