Course Descriptions

Massage cupping: The use of vacuum cups in movement with the techniques of Massage cupping, achieves a synergy between massage and vacuum cups, optimizes all types of massage, promotes deep drainage of the connective tissue, fascia, lymph and all other body fluids. Massage cupping is particularly interesting for problems of cellulite, chronic pain and scars. The use of vacuum cups on the face provides a natural and long-lasting “lifting” effect.

The courses are given by Doug E. RASMUSSON, certified massage therapist and Sylvie GROSJEAN RASMUSSON, integrative doctor, health educator-naturopath, facilitator of “detox, fasting and raw” courses, trainer in CENATHO and natural health techniques with Irène GROSJEAN.

Massage Cupping - Sylvie Grosjean
Massage Cupping - Sylvie Grosjean

Massage Cupping ™ 4-day training

The use of vacuum cups is an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and brings a real optimization in the drainage of body tissues and fluids. Massage Cupping™ achieves synergy by combining massage techniques with the use of suction cups. Massage Cupping™ optimizes all types of massage, promotes deep drainage of connective tissue, fascia, lymph and all other body fluids. Massage Cupping™ offers the possibility of taking care of chronic pain and all forms of overload (cellulite, adhesions…).

In addition to learning with the manual massage cups, you will have the opportunity to learn how to use an incredible machine, the MC600. Movements become smooth, fast and comfortable to achieve goals such as pain management, improving athletic performance, body contouring, detoxification and scar reduction.

A great deal of attention is paid to the development of assessment skills using specific tools and techniques to identify client problems. Participants will also acquire additional skills to assess and develop a protocol of care based on assessment criteria, interview results and intake forms as well as observation during the sessions. Part of the workshop focuses on the lymphatic system and disorders resulting from edema, neuropathies, and “solid bloating”. This course is primarily aimed at people who wish to integrate the treatment with active vacuum cups on a regular and professional basis.

The training is based on experiential learning. During the 4 days of training, each participant will be able to acquire the theoretical and practical basics of Massage Cupping™. The training is conducted in small groups, which allows us to respond to specific needs and to provide individualised training to each participant. At the end of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Practitioner in Massage Cupping ™.

Take advantage of this opportunity, unique in Europe, to add a new string to your personal therapeutic harp.

Massage Cupping - Sylvie Grosjean