Training – Massage Cupping Level 2 (2 days)

Training – Massage Cupping Level 2 (2 days)


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Massage Cupping™ Level 2 replaces manual equipment with an incredible machine, the MC600. Movements become flexible, fast and comfortable to achieve goals such as pain management, improving athletic performance, body contouring, detoxification and scar reduction.

A great deal of attention is paid to the development of assessment skills using specific tools and techniques to identify the client's problems. Participants will also acquire additional skills to assess and develop a care protocol based on assessment criteria, interview results and intake forms as well as observation during the sessions. Part of the workshop focuses on the lymphatic system and disorders resulting from edema, neuropathies, and "solid bloating". This course is primarily aimed at people who wish to integrate the treatment with active suction cups on a regular and professional basis.