What is Aroma / Massage cupping ™?

Inspired by traditional medicines, Aroma / Massage Cupping ™ offers a modern form of care with cup « the new generation ». By creating a vacuum with the cups, Aroma/Massage Cupping, is finding its place in the contemporary world of health care.  The incredible results that this simple care produces has really impressed those who know its subtle power.

By creating a vacuum, Aroma / Massage Cupping ™ is used to relax the muscles, loosen the joints, loosen adhesions, lift connective tissue, hydrate and oxygenate tissues, release deep inflammation by allowing them to go back to the skin, drain the excess fluid and toxins by opening and stimulating the lymphatic channels …

Aroma / Massage Cupping ™ is incredibly versatile and basic movements can easily be customized to allow a wide variety of techniques, ranging from drainage of body fluids to release deep tissue.
Aroma / Massage Cupping ™ is complementary to many other health care such as care provided in the spa, Wellness Massage, body naturopathic approaches, medical massage techniques osteopathy, colonic therapy, physiotherapy …

Aroma / Massage Cupping ™ is also nice to give and to receive

• The use of suction cups is part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and provides a true optimization in the drainage of tissues.
• The use of suction cups moving according to the technique of Aroma / Massage Cupping ™ achieves a synergy between massage and cupping, optimizes any type of massage including encouraging deep drainage of the connective tissue, fascia, lymph and other liquids body.
• Aroma / Massage Cupping ™ is particularly useful for cellulite problems, chronic pain and scarring. The use of suction cups on the face can even achieve a « facelift » natural and sustainable.

During the two days of training, each and every participant will thus acquire theoretical and practical Aroma / Massage Cupping ™.

The training, is conducted in small groups of 12 or 18 people at most, and can address the specific needs and provide individualized development to each participant.

After training, a Practitioner Certificate in Aroma / Massage Cupping ™ Level 1 will be issued.

Take advantage of this opportunity, unique in France, to add a new modality to your professional status.